Orb Weaver Farm sits on one hundred acres in the Champlain Valley, the rocky top of Camel's Hump Mountain visible towards the east.  Patchwork fields bordered by hedgerows, dotted with Jersey cows, bales of hay waiting to be picked up, a green tractor tilling the earth.  Straight garden rows planted with lettuce, swiss chard, tomatoes, peppers, flowers.  Our 200 year old farmhouse, and across the yard the weathered barn, the cheese cave carved into a hillside, fronted by huge stone slabs.  The seasons dictate our chores for the day, but the rhythm of the seasons is blissfully the same, year after year, as it has always been for those who work the land.  The life of a farmer is both simple and vastly complex, dependent not only on planning and muscle, but also on what falls from the sky and what pushes up from the earth.  This is Orb Weaver Farm, the farm we have built with our hands for over thirty years, our small piece of the beautiful Vermont earth.